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My name is Judy Deertrack, and I would be honored to serve as your City Council representative and receive your vote on November 7th. 


I stand for ethical government and strong accountability.  I have 35 years of experience in government, downtown development, and historical preservation.  I have advanced degrees in Law, Urban Affairs, and Communications, and--perhaps most importantly--a track record of success creating community partnerships.  


I have been an Assistant City Attorney, county planner, tribal consultant, land use consultant and preservationist.  Lastly, I have been a proud resident of Palm Springs since 2008. 


Do you feel change is needed?  If so, I ask for your help in electing me as your representative so that together we can create positive change and open the door to a thriving future!

I propose a BLUE PRINT for much needed change in our City Government based upon:

• Wide-ranging public corruption indictments that implicated at least 18 development projects in Palm Springs. 

• Disclosure by the District Attorney that the alleged bribery scheme involved a broad pattern of “influencing the vote” on our City Council.

• New disclosures that the unfunded pension and health care liabilities in Palm Springs exceed $225,000,000 with inadequate payment provisions.

• Recent public statements from City Council members that the City is facing austerity measures and possible bankruptcy after years of claiming Palm Springs was thriving.


• A marked increase in divisive issues, such as: vacation rentals, inadequate community policing, downtown vandalism, and the rapid decline in affordable housing.

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